Homeward offers instant bank account verification for the vast majority of the bank accounts offered in the United States.

However, if you cannot find your bank account in the Homeward app or do not feel secure in entering your bank account credentials, we offer the alternative to link your bank account using a bank's account and routing number.

Below are the steps including screenshots of what can be done to link your bank account using your bank's account and routing number:

1) Once you have pressed the "+" to link a bank account you will see a list of bank accounts as shown below


2) To link via account and routing number search a term or phrase that is not a bank (see example below) and press "Link with account numbers"


3) Follow the steps prompted to you to input your name, account number, and routing number


4) Once you have entered your account details, it will take up to two business days for two micro-deposit amounts to appear in your bank account. They will be deposited under the description Homeward. Once you see the micro-deposits in your bank account, press "Verify" on the notification bar.


5) Once you press verify you will be prompted to input the two micro-deposit amounts. You have three tries to enter the successful amounts.

Once you have entered the successful amounts your bank is successfully linked and you can collect payments or make payments in the Homeward app!

If you have any additional questions please reach out to us at contact@homeward.co.

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